UK Rescue Dogs is a non-profit website / database listing dogs for adoption at dog rescues in UK.

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UK Rescue Dogs

UK Rescue Dogs is a non-profit website / database created & run by unpaid volunteers listing dogs for adoption at dog rescues in the UK.

We primarily focus on a lot of the smaller & lesser known dog rescues and the overlooked dogs.

The dogs for adoption we feature have typically been waiting many months or even years to find a home and have been passed by many times, please consider adopting a dog listed on this website.

Find dogs for rehoming in your local area, by dog breed, by rescue or perform advanced searches.  Adopt Don’t Buy!

Adopt Don’t Buy

Please consider adopting a dog, in the UK over 25 dogs are killed every single day because they are abandoned and unwanted, a lot of them are staffies or staffy crosses which are such great dogs.  There are lots of Staffordshire Bull Terriers for adoption on this website, such loyal & loving dogs.  The rescue dogs listed on this website come in all shapes & sizes.  Please browse through the dogs needing homes and find a best friend forever!

Please don’t breed or buy while homeless dogs die.
Adopt from an animal rescue!

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