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Heidi –  Boder Collie, Female (Neutered), 5 years old, Vaccinated, Chipped, Very friendly, Loving, Energetic and loves her long walks, Obsessed with tennis ball (she can chase them for hours) and needs someone who can give her lots of time and cuddles.  She would prefer to be with a loving family who have older children, She doesn’t understand young children and babies.  Heidi gets on with other Border Collies but tends to herd other dogs.   Heidi is a very loving, funny, devoted dog who always knows how to cheer you up when your down,  she needs someone to love her and make her life complete.

Heidi would benefit from an experienced Collie owner or someone who does agility, working trials or search and rescue.  She will very likely prove too much for the average pet dog owner in the energy and training needs.

Owner must rehome due to new baby and also now has limited time to spend with Heidi.

CARE Dog Rescue is a small, family run, non-profit organisation, dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of dogs. Located in Norfolk, they cover Norfolk, Suffolk and into northern Cambridge. CARE take in unwanted, abandoned or abused dogs, pay for veterinary treatment and find new homes where the dog can continue its life in a kind, loving environment. They also rehome all the strays found in the Gt Yarmouth area.

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