Merlin and Mim

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Merlin and Mim are a pair of beautiful whippet lurchers. They are quiet initially but very sweet and gentle natured once they have got to know you. And the longer they are at Glendee, the quicker they get to know people and feel confident with them.

IDEAL HOME: They are well bonded so a home together would be perfect for them. They are a quiet pair and would love a cosy, calm home.

CHILDREN: Due to their quiet nature we are suggesting and adult home, or certainly a quiet and calm home for them. They are timid on first meeting people.

OTHER DOGS: They have been good with all dogs during assessments and are a bonded pair so would need to be homed together. Obviously this complicates homes with dogs already as there are more relationships to build but they have matched well with dogs during assessments. They adore each other.

CATS: Has not yet been cat tested

Glendee Rescue & Rehoming‘s mission is to save as many dogs as they can from being put to sleep, through no fault of their own and to place them in loving homes, giving them a second chance for happiness. Situated in North Mymms, Hertfordshire, the kennels is primarily a boarding kennels for both cats and dogs. Recognising the horrendous plite of so many unwanted family pets and strays, a number of kennels are now dedicated to housing dogs that have been rescued from the pound.

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