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Misha is a very friendly girl, who was handed in for rehoming due to her being too big and strong for her owners to cope with. Misha loves people, and sometimes tries to act like a lapdog! She loves a fuss! Misha is not good with cats/poultry/livestock or other small furies due to her predatory nature. She would be better suited as an only dog also, as she loves all of the attention to herself. Misha enjoys playing football, and can be quite comical to watch galloping around! Misha is a big strong dog who will require a strong owner to give her plenty of exercise and stimulation that she needs.

Ashbourne Animal Welfare operates The Ark Rescue and Rehoming Centre for unwanted and stray cats and dogs. They provide TLC as well as any necessary veterinary care prior to adoption, always neuter and promote responsible pet ownership.

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