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About Nell as told by her owners….

Nell is a friendly, happy and healthy eight year old border collie. She loves being outside and going for her walk is her favourite time of day. She can be wary near traffic and particularly loves open spaces where she can run around and play. Being excitable, she does still pull on her lead at the beginning of walks, but becomes calmer as it progresses.

Nell loves playing with her toys, especially her football and teddies and loves having fuss and cuddles. She is used to being around children (our grandchildren are aged one – ten) and would be suitable for a family home.

Nell is used to being left at home during the day while we are at work and is settled and calm – she does not bark or whine. Her vaccinations are up to date, she has spent time in kennels during holiday periods and she is micro-chipped. Nell does not tend to like being around other dogs or cats and becomes very anxious so would be best suited to being in a house where she is the only pet.

We are devastated in having to re-home Nell as she has been part of our family for the last five years (after originally being a rescue dog).
She is such a loving, friendly dog and deserves to find a safe, loving home where she will be appreciated.

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