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Archie is a super boy. He is just over 10 years old, has bundles of energy and his tail never stops wagging. Archie has lived with 2 female dogs and a neutered male before he came into kennels but is said to not get on great with other male dogs when off lead if they show dominance(Archie has not been neutered yet so this could be where this stems from). Because of this we would like to find Archie a home with bitches only or as an only pet. Archie has been used to living in a crate most of the time and does enjoy the security. He Loves a cuddle and a fuss and he seems to have good recall when off lead. Archie has been around children of all ages, He is said to be fine but he is big and bouncy so we would rehome to a home with children over the age of 7. He is not destructive but is partial to the odd white carrier bag! Due to his owner ill health he is looking for a new home.

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels is a registered charity. B.A.R.K provides temporary refuge for unwanted and stray domestic animals. Wherever possible it is their objective to re-home them. Their area of operation is north and south of the Scottish Border.

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