Dog for Adoption

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Jack is a lively young pup.  He has had issues with other dogs in his household and can be very vocal when out on lead towards other dogs, but is better behaved off lead around other dogs.  He can take a dislike to certain people and, at the moment, there is not particular pattern.  Jack needs a home that will take him to a good training class that will turn Jack into the sociable, loving dog we know he can be.  In kennels Jack has been very loving and just a typical energetic, playful, mischievous pup.  We would not rehome Jack with children.  With correct introductions and supervision visiting, older, children would be fine.

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels is a registered charity. B.A.R.K provides temporary refuge for unwanted and stray domestic animals. Wherever possible it is their objective to re-home them. Their area of operation is north and south of the Scottish Border.

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