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Kita @BARKKennels was born in April 2016. She is a medium sized dog. Although she has lived with other dogs, always at a distance as there were issues within the house hold from about 10 months of age. She is very people friendly and walks fairly well on lead unless another dog is around. If this girl can go to training classes it will transform her life. She has been crate trained and is loves her crate and settles in it well. She prefers to be left alone when eating.

Kita would love a home where she would get the extra training she needed to make her sociable when out and about on lead. She would make a great jogging companion as she has loads of energy and will be a loyal and loving companion.

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels is a registered charity. B.A.R.K provides temporary refuge for unwanted and stray domestic animals. Wherever possible it is their objective to re-home them. Their area of operation is north and south of the Scottish Border.

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