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Apollo has been in our care for quite some time now, he arrived back in November 2016. Apollo came from the stray pound so we don’t know a lot about him, he is a large middle aged crossbreed, we are not sure what breeds are in him. As we have got to know Apollo is is apparently he has never been a family pet, we feel that Apollo is used to living a life of either living outside as a guard/yard dog, or similar. He has very high guarding instincts and is not overly keen to seek out attention or affection from humans, he much prefers his own space and a kong to play with! He happily entertains himself for hours with his kong. Although he does form a bond with 1 person once he knows you but he will also guard that person too. For this reason, we are looking for a special kind of home for him, he is not looking to be a family pet. We are looking for either a Sanctuary space or someone with land or a farm for him to plod about on. He cannot come into contact with children or visitors or other dogs. If you would like more info or to discuss Apollo please get in touch. He is currently in Ormskirk

Boxer Rescue Liverpool are a small rescue organisation dedicated to helping boxers in need. Although primarily a boxer rescue, they also help a small amount of bulldog type breeds and pugs. This includes, English bulldogs, French bulldogs, Dorset bulldogs, Old Tyme bulldogs (and other similar bulldogs) and also pugs. Boxer Rescue Liverpool have a no destruction policy and never put a healthy dog to sleep. They are run entirely by volunteers who use their spare time to help boxers in need.

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