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Doug is a 2 year old boxer boy who came into our care as he was not getting on with the other male boxer in the home. Doug has a lovely temperament with people. A typical young lively boy who is always on the go. He would be ideal for an active family who have the time to spend with him, playing and exercising. He loves his toys and is always SO happy to see you! Doug needs an adult only home with no other dogs or animals. He also needs a home with someone around for most of the day as he gets stressed when left alone

Boxer Rescue Liverpool are a small rescue organisation dedicated to helping boxers in need. Although primarily a boxer rescue, they also help a small amount of bulldog type breeds and pugs. This includes, English bulldogs, French bulldogs, Dorset bulldogs, Old Tyme bulldogs (and other similar bulldogs) and also pugs. Boxer Rescue Liverpool have a no destruction policy and never put a healthy dog to sleep. They are run entirely by volunteers who use their spare time to help boxers in need.

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