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This gorgeous bulldog boy is Rubble, an Olde Tyme bulldog of about 3 years old. Rubble was found being beaten and urinated on by 2 men, the woman who stopped them asked if she could take him and their reply was “yes as we are only going to kill him anyway” thank god she was there and stopped them! Rubble was initially extremely scared and rolled on the floor at quick hand movements. BUT He has since come out of himself FULLY and is now an extremely happy outgoing lad! Rubble is basically a bull in a china shop, he is a big boy who is lively, bouncy and full of energy! He will need an experienced home with NO children and no cats, he is ok with female dogs but cannot live with male dogs. He is obviously a bit weary of men so will need to be given plenty of time to settle in. Rubble can be a bit ‘rambunctious’ and gets excited very easily, we have found that distracting him with a squeaky toy helps massively. He is cure to be neutered ASAP! Rubble absolutely loves his toys, he will entertain himself for ages with a squeaky ball! He is currently in kennels in Ormskirk

Boxer Rescue Liverpool are a small rescue organisation dedicated to helping boxers in need. Although primarily a boxer rescue, they also help a small amount of bulldog type breeds and pugs. This includes, English bulldogs, French bulldogs, Dorset bulldogs, Old Tyme bulldogs (and other similar bulldogs) and also pugs. Boxer Rescue Liverpool have a no destruction policy and never put a healthy dog to sleep. They are run entirely by volunteers who use their spare time to help boxers in need.

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