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This gorgeous girl is 10 year old Sasha. Sasha is in need of a new home due to her owners ill health. She is a lovely little girl who has lived with children. She is not keen on other dogs and she doesn’t like cats. Sasha is on medication for incontinence when she arrived with us, but she has been completely dry up to now with no accidents. We would love for her to find a loving home ASAP. Sasha is now in a foster home in Stockport

Boxer Rescue Liverpool are a small rescue organisation dedicated to helping boxers in need. Although primarily a boxer rescue, they also help a small amount of bulldog type breeds and pugs. This includes, English bulldogs, French bulldogs, Dorset bulldogs, Old Tyme bulldogs (and other similar bulldogs) and also pugs. Boxer Rescue Liverpool have a no destruction policy and never put a healthy dog to sleep. They are run entirely by volunteers who use their spare time to help boxers in need.

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