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Noodles originally came to us in 2012, his owner was moving house and couldn’t take him.  He found a wonderful home with long term supporters of the rescue, but sadly he could not cope being left during their working hours.  It was with a heavy heart that we have had to welcome Noodles back through our doors once more.

Often dogs that have been abandoned by their family develop separation anxiety.  Poor Noodles loved his new home so much, he was panic stricken when they left him to go to work, he thought he had been abandoned once again.  Unfortunately, he was that upset he became destructive, he couldn’t cope being crate trained and so had to be returned to us as he could have caused danger to himself.  Poor Noodles is back at square one looking for another home.

Noodles has shown himself to be nothing but the perfect gentleman in a home environment; he is spottlessly clean, well behaved and fine with visitors provided they were introduced to them initially.

Noodles is great on walks and he loves to go for miles, he is fine with most dogs while he is on the lead.  Whilst in his home Noodles enjoyed many days out and he never put a foot wrong; the only time he reacted to other dogs was if they were black labradors or very over excited.  We do still feel though that Noodles should be the only pet in the household as he merely tolerates other dogs rather than enjoying their company!

For poor Noodles, his only problem is his seperation anxiety; he simply cannot be left for more than half an hour before he becomes distressed.  This is a problem that we thought he could overcome but he is a danger to himself when left unattended.  Noodles so desperately wants to be with people that he will fret and chew until his owners return and for this reason we are looking for a home where there will be someone around most/all of the time to keep him company and build him up slowly to being left alone.

Noodles will make a fantastic, loyal companion for someone, he just needs some time to gain trust then will show off what a sweet boy he really is.  He would benefit from a home with previous experience of this breed or of nervous dogs and he needs a home where there are no young children.  Please give Noodles a chance!

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