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Alfie (originally Little Fid) was brought to our door back in May as the child in the home was scared of him.
It did not take him long to find a new home but he has now sadly been returned due to the unexpected ill health of his owner.
Poor Alfie, we are sad to see him back with us but hope we can find him happiness once again.
He is a timid little boy to begin with and does take time to trust new people, however once he does his sweet, playful character shines through!
He is a typical Terrier and would suit an owner experienced with their little ways. For example he does become quite stressed when the doorbell rings and will run around barking. In his last home he did bite his owner on the leg during one of these episodes as she tried to get past him to answer the door. Anyone who adopts Alfie will need to be prepared to work with our behaviourist to help manage this behaviour. Ideally they should have another room in which they can put Alfie in when the doorbell rings.
In his original home he did show some possessive behaviour but his last owner believes he has now come a long way with this and would allow her to take things off him. More advice can be given regarding this should you inquire about adopting him.
Alfie will need an active owner as he has lots of energy and is usually very calm and settled after walks. He loves other dogs and just wants to play. We feel he could live with a compatible dog in his new home.
He will need an adult only home without any visiting children or any children planned for the future.
Due to his young age he will also need a home with someone around for most of the day.
He has skin allergies and will need a hypoallergenic diet.
This little boy has had a lot of upheaval in his short life and we are desperate to finally find him a loving and stable home where he can truly settle in. He has so much love to give and would make a fantastic companion.

  • Admitted – 25/10/2017
  • Breed / Type – Terrier Cross
  • Sex – Male
  • Age – 2 Years
  • Colour – Grey and Black
  • Vaccinated – Yes
  • Neutered – Yes
  • Used to Kids – No
  • Used to Cats – Unknown
  • Used to Dogs – Yes

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