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Strikingly beautiful Bella is one of the most unusual Staffies we have ever seen, with some Collie in her breeding this has given her a gorgeous blue merle speckled coat!
Bella came to us because she was due to be put to sleep as her owner did not trust her around the grandchildren. Bella had never shown any aggression towards the grandchildren but seemed interested in them. In addition to this a new puppy was introduced into the home and when the puppy hurt himself and yelped Bella became alarmed and unfortunately attacked him as a result. Thankfully the puppy was okay despite this. Bella had never been in a fight with a dog before this and ignores them on walks but will tell them off if they have a go at her. She will need to be the only pet in the home.
She is a friendly girl with a typical over enthusiastic, bubbly staffy temperament. Despite her age she is still very active and will need a home with someone who can give her plenty of exercise.
Bella does not like people arguing and becomes stressed, she will be best suited to a calm, adult only household.
This girl really is beautiful, anyone who meets her will be sure to fall in love!

  • Admitted – 18/11/2017
  • Breed / Type – Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
  • Sex – Female
  • Age – 8 years
  • Colour – Blue Merle
  • Vaccinated – Yes
  • Neutered – Yes
  • Used to Kids – No
  • Used to Cats – No
  • Used to Dogs – Not to live with

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