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Buster was originally rehomed by Freshfields last year following the sad death of his owner. He has very sadly been returned following his owners decision to return to his home country without him. We are absolutely devastated for this little boy to find himself bewildered back at the rescue and looking for yet another new home. We are determined next time will be Busters forever home! Buster is a very sweet, very loving little boy. He is so affectionate and wants nothing more than love and cuddles. Buster is suited to an adult home with no children planned for the future. He does not like other dogs, he must be the only pet and care must be taken on walks. He can be left for a few hours. Sometimes Buster will bark at strangers coming into his house, but once they are sat down he is soon licking them like old friends. This is very typical of terriers and anyone that knows them understands they like to have a good bark at most things! Buster is such a gorgeous dogs and we can’t wait to settle him into the loving home he so deserves.

Freshfields rescue and re-home abused, neglected and injured animals. They have two Rescue Centres, one in Liverpool, and another in Caernarfon, Wales. How to Adopt from Freshfields Rescue

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