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Junior is a handsome, striking boy looking for a new home! Due to long working hours, his owner has made the heart wrenching decision to let him go to another home, where he will have more time spent with him. Junior is such a friendly boy, like all staffy types, he thinks and acts like he is a little person, a true member of the family! He is used to children, due to his size we would recommend children over the age of 10 years. A few years ago Junior attacked a dog on a walk, since then his owner has walked him wearing a muzzle. This has always just been a precaution to make sure it can never happen again. Junior is happy and comfortable with his muzzle and wears it with no problem. He does not react to other dogs on walks, which is important for people to know if anyone wants to offer him a home! He is a placid dog, generally he is very lazy and loves his home comforts! He is often found snoozing on the couch but will quickly jump down and pretend he was never taking advantage of the couch at all! He can have a mad half hour where he entertains his family and the more laughs he gets the more fun he has! Junior can be left for a few hours a day. He will need an active owner. He is a large staffy. He needs to be the only pet.

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