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Herman has been waiting for his forever home for some time now – living in the kennels isn’t good for Herman, he really needs the routine and attention that comes from a smashing home.

Herman is a young excitable dog with lots of energy. He would benefit from a home where he will have opportunity got lots of exercise, mental stimulation and possibly someone who wishes to progress his training. Herman is an intelligent boy. He has a well established sit, down, and will give both paws. When his focus is gained he’s an extremely attentive dog. 
Herman can be strong on the lead and does lead bite however he can be distracted from this by giving him a toy to carry. Herman has been responding really well to loose lead walking training. Herman will sit really nicely for a towel dry after a wet walk.
In the house, Herman has his boisterous moments, however he will also calm and lie down and loves to lie on a cushion across your knee and go to sleep. Herman is an affectionate dog and enjoys company.
Herman is quite particular about which dogs he would like to socialise with. He has been friendly with some dogs however others he has taken a dislike to. Herman does not like any dog who barks at him and will react on these occasions. Herman prefers to have lots of space between him and any dog who is likely to bark at him. He is easily distracted from other dogs on walks and is always watching you for cues on what to do next.
Herman thoroughly enjoys searching games and treat based games and is definitely food orientated!! Herman loves to play, he can be destructive with toys so robust toys are the best choice. He loves to play ball and he loves his squeaky toys and anything he can have a good chew on.

Herman loves to have fun and has plenty of energy to accompany this!

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