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Vinnie is living with one of our Foster carers and their family dog. This is what Vinnie’s Foster carer says about him…

“If you want a good natured, low maintenance, small/medium sized dog, Vinnie could be the one! He’s a people friendly, dog friendly, house trained, non-destructive little character.

Vinnie likes a good walk and walks great on the lead, and when let off the lead he has excellent recall – he comes racing back instantly when you call his name. He’s full of excitement running around free and playing with other dogs, but easy to control as he’s very obedient. He’s also happy to find a comfy spot at home (preferably on a lap) to have a snooze and relax. He’d quite happily sit for hours being stroked and cuddled.

He’s very alert, but rarely barks and he enjoys car rides looking out of the window, behaving brilliantly. Vinnie loves to interact and have human contact, he loves getting lots of praise and is the best cuddle buddy.

He would be absolutely fine with another dog, but ideally he would be better with someone or a family who can give him the attention and love that he craves. He hasn’t been cat tested, but shows no signs of aggression whatsoever.

Vinnie likes watching TV, especially “Blue Planet” and “Paul O’Grady – For the love of dogs” (as long as it’s a happy ending!) He’s an all round super dog, who keeps clean, hardly moults and is no trouble at all. He sleeps through the night in his bed in the kitchen, with no barking or whining, he just sleeps through until it’s time for breakfast!

Give Vinnie a chance and you’ll have a best friend for life.”

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