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JJ is a beautiful boy who has been a beloved pet all his life, but very sadly his owner has had to move into a nursing home, and so JJ has had to be given up for rehoming. He is missing his mummy and missing his home comforts, and although he is being very brave, and trying to make the best of things, this lovely boy really needs someone of his own to love again. He is friendly with everyone, and with other dogs, and is happy when out on his walks but is not so happy when left alone in his kennel. He has been used to being a cherished companion, and is more than ready to resume that lifestyle! Although JJ is good with people of all ages, he has never lived with children, so we would not wish to place him with youngsters under 10. We do not think he has lived with cats or small pets, so would not wish to place him with these. He has been used to having someone around, so will need company most of the time.

DBARC Animal Rescue is a small, independent animal rescue based in Hurst, Berks

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