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Alice and Tobias are a bonded pair of bichon frise, 4 and 6 years of age respectively. Alice is small in size but Tobias is super small! Despite all they have been through, Alice and Tobias are playful and sweet dogs who love attention and hugs.  They spend a lot of time playing together, sleeping together and even sitting on top of each other, but they are also good with other dogs. Alice seems to be particularly fond of children. They show typical bichon temperament and friendliness and would love a forever sofa to settle down on.

Alice is particularly affectionate and doesn’t like to leave her fosterer’s side. This means she will likely have great recall and lead-walking skills but would benefit from separation training. She is super friendly and wants to be everyone’s lapdog, including Tobias! Tobias is very gentle and sweet natured, he loves to stare into his fosterer’s eyes and beg for treats. Like Alice, Tobias also walks well on the lead and is housetrained.

Due to their breed type, they are low-shedding but do require grooming maintenance to keep their fur from matting. They would appreciate an owner who can give them all the time and love they need and like any rescue dog, they will benefit from further training.


These pocket rockets were used as a breeding bitch and stud for years on end at a Romanian puppy farm, until being sold onto a very irresponsible owner who kept them in  in appalling conditions (see last photo) and neglected and deprived these poor dogs further. Thankfully, Alice and Tobias were rescued in the nick of time by a trusted rescuer in Romania who carefully shaved their matted fur, built up their health and confidence and gave them some experience of the love they had never before known. While they were recuperated, they spent a lot of time in the rescuers home, getting used to domestic life and adapting well.
Tobias and Alice are looking for a home together. They have just arrived in their UK foster home where they will be available for visiting.

Give a Dog a Home UK is a non-profit rescue mainly rehoming dogs that come over from Greece, Cyprus and Romania. They mainly rehome to the South East but also much further afield.

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