Dog for Adoption

 Breed Size Sex Age
Born: March 2016
Sex: Female
Size: Small – medium
Neutered: Yes

Little wriggly Bella is a medium/small spayed adolescent, born in March 2016. Bella is very friendly to humans and house trained, used to lead walking on a harness and collar. She has not been let off the lead much as she tends to react over enthusiastically to other dogs whilst on the lead. Bella needs an experienced adopter who is prepared to take her to training classes. These will increase her confidence and socialisation, so that her manners around other dogs can be improved. She is a bright girl and would respond well to training and structure.
A sensible, calm, probably male companion dog might be helpful but she could make an only dog too.
She is available for visiting in Gerards Cross, Buckinghamshire.

Give a Dog a Home UK is a non-profit rescue mainly rehoming dogs that come over from Greece, Cyprus and Romania. They mainly rehome to the South East but also much further afield.

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