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 Breed Size Sex Age

 Born: 2015,                  SizeSmall/Medium,                         SexFemale (spayed)

Gabby (Gabrielle) is a sweet, friendly little girl who is approximately 2-3 years old an on the smaller side of medium. She is a fun, bright little girl who loves affection and food! She will make such a sweet forever friend and has been waiting too long for her forever home now.

Gabby can be a bit shy and nervous around strangers but so affectionate once she gets to know you. Her fosterers are working with a behaviourist on building her confidence around new dogs and people and she is progressing in leaps and bounds. She will sit at the pavement before crossing a road, is calm around traffic and other dogs and is really enjoying her walks now. She is perfectly happy to travel in the car, even jumping in on her own.  She is showing good promise at recall training, loves treats and is always so eager to please.

Gabby will need a confident and caring adopter who will give her the reassurance and training she needs to continue to blossom. Gabrielle could be homed on her own or with another, more confident dog to gain courage and guidance from.

Gabby has blended in very well with other dogs in her foster home and provides the house with many smiles, laughs and cuddles. She will make a joyful addition to her forever family! Please consider giving this girl the home she so desperately deserves, all she needs is a little patience to get to know you and she will want for nothing more.

When Gabby was rescued, she was completely alone, hiding under a large waste refuge for shelter. She had nobody to care for or look out for her and must have been so scared and sad. Gabby’s happy personality shone through when her rescuer found her: despite all the abuse and neglect she had received from humans in her short life, she still greeted the rescuer with a waggy tail and rolled over for a belly rub. Gabby is a true star and deserves, at last, to have a family of her own. She should never have to feel so sad or alone ever again.

Give a Dog a Home UK is a non-profit rescue mainly rehoming dogs that come over from Greece, Cyprus and Romania. They mainly rehome to the South East but also much further afield.

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