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Nero is a handsome young dog, slightly bigger than a labrador in size (26kg) and around 2 years old. He is responsive,  intelligent and playful and shows great potential in further training, obedience or sports. He is a very affectionate and loving boy once he gets to know you. He can be left on his own for a few hours without problems and is clean in the house. In his first home he developed shyness around strange men and mild over-excitement/anxiety around younger children, so he is looking for a home without children.

Nero (was Angus) had been adopted for about a year and was then rehomed again but unfortunately neither home worked out. Nero struggles to cope with social city households and loud noises so would prefer a quieter home, with no children or small furries and without too many visitors while he settles in. A more rural or quiet suburban home would be best for Nero as he struggles in noisy towns and cities and loves to have space to run and play.

Nero is currently fostered with a dog-walker and boarder so he spends every day with a variety of different dogs and is really enjoying his time romping and playing with other dogs. He has not shown any reactivity outdoors with any of his fosterers, but Nero did show frustration on-lead in his adoptive homes. Therefore Nero needs experienced adopters who have commitment to continue his training and will be able to allow him plenty of off lead exercise. He can be playful and boisterous so may be best homed with a calm but confident dog, or he could live as an only dog provided he receives enough enrichment and outdoor play.

He likes nothing better than to be in the woods or countryside – ideally meeting other young lively dogs to play with.  As you can see from the photos below, he is really enjoying time with other dogs on group walks. Nero is quite high-energy and an agile dog, so would really benefit from an active family who will involve him in dog sports such as canicross and bikejour. His whistle recall is excellent, especially in return for a tasty treat and he is so responsive and eager to please (view video below). He is a very intelligent boy, eager to learn and shows amazing promise in training. He could turn his mind and body to anything and is just waiting for someone to release his true potential.

Nero was originally rescued from the streets of Greece as a young puppy. His mother and siblings have all been happily homed in the UK and Nero would love to have a forever home to truly settle down in. Please consider giving this boy a home, he will be a loyal and loving friend.

Give a Dog a Home UK is a non-profit rescue mainly rehoming dogs that come over from Greece, Cyprus and Romania. They mainly rehome to the South East but also much further afield.

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