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Reggie is about a year old, neutered and small in size. He has a smiley, cheeky face and endearing little legs! Reggie was rescued as a puppy and grew up in a Bulgarian rescuer’s home with around 20 other dogs. He gets on well with other dogs but particularly loves people. He is learning basic training, crate-training and house-training and adjusting to the concept of lead-walking. Reggie can be shy around unknown men but is very affectionate with the ones he knows. He is a playful young dog with a huge character and a love of cuddles.

Reggie was rescued from the streets of Bulgaria at a young age and grew up in his rescuer’s home. He has just arrived in his UK foster home where he is available for visiting

Give a Dog a Home UK is a non-profit rescue mainly rehoming dogs that come over from Greece, Cyprus and Romania. They mainly rehome to the South East but also much further afield.

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