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Sake is a tremendous, three-year-old tripaw (three-legged) dog and doesn’t let his missing limb stop him! He mobilises well on three legs and loves to run and play. He is a fabulous friend and loves people of all ages, including children. Sake enjoys any human attention he receives, loves to play, cuddle on the sofa and, most of all, receive belly rubs! Sake has been attacked by other dogs in the past and this has made him nervous around males, particularly intact males, but usually gets on very well with calm neutered male and female dogs after careful introduction. He does absolutely love to play with friendly dogs and really missed this when he was on crate rest, but he will play with humans too so could be homed as an only dog in a family. Sake had a very tough time surviving on the streets, so he does have a tendency to guard food and toys, but this should ease with correct management and time. He loves treats, knows basic commands and is intelligent so would love to pursue more advanced training. Sake is clean in the house, quite at night, travels well and can be left for periods with no issue. He loves to go for walks but needs these to be relatively short, about 20 minutes, so as not to stress his legs. He likes to run off-lead, though is currently put on-lead to greet new dogs and has promising recall skills.

Poor Sake was dumped at a vet clinic in Greece, with a badly deformed and broken front leg and damaged back leg, he could hardly stand. Sake tested positive for leishmaniasis, so was not allowed to be released back onto the streets after being neutered. Instead, his rescuer took him into her flat and cared for him, nursing him through his recovery. After a while, it became clear his front leg could not be saved and unfortunately had to be amputated, but he adapted very quickly to life on three limbs. Once Sake was ready, he moved from the rescuer’ flat to the shelter with the other rescue dogs, where he really enjoyed playing with all the puppies and being out to run free in the big pens. However, Sake was bullied and attacked by adults at the shelter so the decision was made to move him to a UK foster home where he could find the home he deserved. Since arriving in the UK, Sake was diagnosed with a luxating patella in his rear leg which needed further surgery. He bounced back from this surgery spectacularly and is now much more comfortable on the leg, needing joint aids but otherwise getting around well. His leishmaniasis levels have been tested twice since arriving in the UK and both came back negative (remission), so he has been off his medication for a couple of months and doing well. More information about leishmaniasis can be found on our advice page and feel free to contact us with any questions about Sake and his health. Sake does also have a skin allergy to chicken so is on a chicken-free diet and has no further skin problems.

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