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Please meet Missy,

Missy is a typical young puppy – full of energy and a lot of fun.

Missy is a sweet girl, and loves being with people. She is very outgoing and full of energy. She is looking for someone who can match her energy levels and is happy to go on adventures with her.

Missy does need to attend training classes, as she is young but very willing to learn. She does lack in manners, and needs more training on the lead, around other dogs and general everyday life manners.

Missy is not happy being left so is looking for someone who is around most of the day, and can slowly get her use to being on her own. However this may take a while, and will need building up slowly.

Missy has very long legs and this means she is a very good jumper!! She is able to jump 6-7 foot high fencing, so she’s looking for someone who has a very secure garden or is happy to be with her when she is out in the garden.

Missy has lived with cats before and is very good, but she does want to play. So is looking to live with a cat that has lived with lively dogs before, and is happy to tell her off if she gets too much for them.

HULA Animal Rescue is a small registered charity in Milton Keynes. Tel. 01908 584000

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