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Sonic was described by by his Irish rescuers as the best dog ever! He really is very very pretty, and his brindle bits have a lovely dusty blue colour in them. He is a very delicate soul and he will need a really comfortable home and owners that are prepared to buy him a whole wardrobe of clothes for different weathers. He will probably need two beds, one on top of the other, suitably close to a radiator, and with an optional fleece for night time warmth. Ok, so he is a wimp. However, he is a quietly confident dog, a plodder on the lead, and a dog you will be proud to show off. Sonic will fit into most homes and is cat trainable. As he is a young dog, we have to assume he will need at least two 45 minute walks a day (provided appropriately dressed). Again, because he is a young, if he is to be left for more than 2-3 hours on his own, you may need to slowly build up the time. He should be happy for 4-5 hours if left with another dog and exercised properly. He can live with sensible children over 8 years old.

Sonic has a pet passport.

Kent Greyhound Rescue are a registered greyhound and lurcher rehoming charity, based around Hythe in Kent. Please see their website or call 01303 271131 for more information

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