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For adoption: Jed @KitWilsonTrust Rottweiler 7 Years old Male – Neutered Has been the companion for most of his life to a very elderly lady who has sadly passed away. He is such a big baby, magnificently large at over 50kgs but does consider himself a lap dog! Although he has been a wonderful companion he has been allowed to please himself in large grounds and not been taken out on the lead due to being very strong. It is because of this that he lacks in social manners with other dogs and will need an experienced owner. Age related wear and tear means that handsome Jed can only manage short walks.

Kit Wilson Trust are a registered charity that rescue and re-home unwanted animals, mainly cats and dogs, and have a wildlife rehabilitation programme and emergency help line. The Trust’s Rescue Centre is also home to horses, donkeys, cats, goats, birds and small mammals where, in the interest of their welfare, they remain in their care. They are based in East Sussex.

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