Doc Diesel

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Diesel needs to be visited a couple of times by any family looking to adopt him.
Doc Diesel is a wonderful dog who came to us as a puppy but sadly his family were unable to keep him due to a change in their circumstances and he is back with us in the rescue looking for a forever home.
Having lived in a home he is house trained and has got basic training.
Diesel is a collie cross and very typical of his breed, so collie experience is required for him. He has an incredibly endearing personality, and whilst with us he has been nothing but joyful and happy. He is happy to trot off with all the volunteers and really enjoys being out, but he has a very sensitive nature, as many of our dogs do, and needs his people to be in tune with him. Generally speaking though he is a very positive boy. He does have some underlying insecurities which will however require an experienced family, able to read him and manage him when he feels anxious.
Diesel does have a medical condition affecting his eyes, which will require medicating as an ongoing thing. He suffers with an auto immune condition which means that he requires steroid cream applied to his eyes 3 time a day at the moment, hopefully to be reduced to 2. He is very good, he lets us administer the cream no problem, so he is a good patient with us. But this is something to be aware of for any family able to offer him a home.

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