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NOTE: Commitment to grooming necessary.
Show is a beautiful Chow Chow cross. It is quite baffling to find such a dog in a Romanian shelter but there he was, having fallen on bad times and hoping that life would take a better turn soon. He is now here in the UK, looking for a new life and he has certainly reconnected with his inner puppy with us.
He is a very playful youngster (sometimes a little pushy with it), and enthusiastic about life generally. He absolutely loves going on his walks and enjoys the company of all people, he is a very sociable dog .
Even though he is part Chow, he doesn’t display the characteristic stubbornness of the breed. He is a happy boy, just a bit over excited about all new opportunities he comes across whether they be walks, new people, doggie friends.. It’s all great fun!
He does need an experienced home as we feel he may develop further in a home and a solid understanding of dogs will ensure he does so positively. He will also need a reasonable amount of exercise, and grooming! So either be prepared to get your brush out or have a groomer at hand. He has been good on the grooming table, which again for a Chow was a nice surprise. If you love the thought of this super special boy, be in touch with us vie the enquiry form.

Love Underdogs was set up by animal lovers who wanted to make the world a better place by helping and supporting some of the most unwanted, abused, neglected and voiceless dogs. They rehome many dogs from the Victory shelter in Brasov, Romania, whose lives had been nothing but pain and suffering. Love Underdogs use kennels in Essex but rehome across the UK.

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