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Simona arrived in the UK having spent the last 5 years of her life in a Romanian shelter. Despite having had very little life experience, she is an incredible girl with absolute bags of character. She is a Carpathian shepherd, with all the traits of the breed, loyal and instinctive. She spent much of her life sharing a kennel with Alvin, but we feel that she would actually do well as an only dog as she can be quite bossy with other dogs. She is an extremely intelligent girl and needs a family who will appreciate her intelligence and great depth. She walks lovely with other dogs whom she gets on well with and has thoroughly enjoyed the new experience that is going for walks. She absolutely loves this new activity and will need an active home even though she is an older lady. Carpathian shepherds have a longer life expectancy than German shepherds, so despite her age she still has hopefully many years ahead of her. She needs an experienced home, preferably with shepherd/collie type and an adaptable home, purely as a girl like Simona deserves to be appreciated for her multi faceted personality.
Simona probably never lived in a home so any family should be prepared to teach her a few things about domestic life. This is the case for most of our dogs and they all learn fairy quickly about the lovely things that come with being a family dog.

Love Underdogs was set up by animal lovers who wanted to make the world a better place by helping and supporting some of the most unwanted, abused, neglected and voiceless dogs. They rehome many dogs from the Victory shelter in Brasov, Romania, whose lives had been nothing but pain and suffering. Love Underdogs use kennels in Essex but rehome across the UK.

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