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Let me introduce you to Charm – or Prince Charming as he is also known. Just a young boy of 18 months maximum, Charm found himself in the pound with his friend, Rough Coated Lurcher Cinders. We knew they were both very neglected but were quite shocked to see how matted their fur was and how thin they were.

Well Charm has been castrated and vaccinated and the horrid knots cut out of his fur and he is ready for a forever home. He will need fattening up as he had a bad reaction to the General Anaesthetic of the Neutering and lost quite a bit of weight. But his appetite is back in full force.

We feel that Charm will be best homed with a female as he still is making amerous advances – to boys – which isnt always appreciated. Charm is clean and can be left for short periods of time. And he really loves people.

No cats, children over 10 as he can be a bit bouncy and jumpy uppy. He is currently in foster in Surrey.

Lurcher SOS are all volunteers and their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and home abused, abandoned and neglected Lurchers and Greyhounds from Ireland and the UK. They also rescue Whippets and all other sighthounds too!

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