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Copper couldn’t be a more stereo-typical Beagle if he tried! He loves human company, and is especially fond of a nice cuddle with his kennel carers.

Despite loving a cuddle, being a beagle, he can be quite aloof from people when he wants to be. He is very strong willed and will let you know when he is not happy about something. He will benefit from attending some 1:1 classes with our behaviourist pre and post adoption so that both owner and dog can learn to bond and understand each other.

Copper is extremely food aggressive so new owners will need to be willing to manage this problem in the home, as his behaviour can escalate very quickly.

When he came into us, Copper was extremely overweight so he has been on a strict diet and exercise programme. This must be continued in the home as he is prone to gaining weight. He does enjoy his walks, so this is a wonderful way to keep him fit and active.

Copper is sociable with other dogs, and will happily walk with them, but he wouldn’t like to live with one due to his inability to share nicely!

Copper has previously been re-homed from us and has been returned due to his behavioural issues. He is looking for a place to call his ‘forever’ home with owners that are prepared to take him on despite his issues.

Copper really is a lovely boy who can be incredibly affectionate. Due to his food aggression he is looking to be the only pet in an adult only home.

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