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Cruz is a sociable boy and enjoys spending time out of his kennel playing in the yard or going out for nice social walks with some of his canine buddies.

Cruz could potentially live with another dog pending controlled introductions here at OAS. He is an affectionate lad and loves a cuddle with his kennel carers. Cruz does have separation anxiety so ideally needs a new owner with experience of this behaviour. He craves human attention, so sadly does become stressed when he is left on his own.

Despite being a bit of a worrier, Cruz is keen to please so would benefit from living in a home where his owners are prepared to take him to training and activity classes to help keep him busy and stimulated.  Cruz will love to live in an active household as he really does enjoy his walks. He takes confidence from his handler when in new environments so would benefit from someone who has experience in handling a larger strong dog.

Cruz is looking for a home where someone is around for the majority of the day.

New owners must be aware of his separation anxiety and how to deal with leaving him for short periods in the home. We can help point new owners in the right direction with this.

Cruz will make a perfect companion to the right owners. He is a very happy go lucky boy looking for a loving home to call his own.

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