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Kevin is a really sweet dog once he knows you and enjoys human company. He’s not too keen on being handled, but this improves the more he gets to know and trust you. Kevin has shown that during settling in periods in a new home he does resource guard things he sees as ‘his’, and will try to bite if he can get away with it. It took around 2-3 weeks for Kevin to settle here, upon which point the guarding of his bed and kennel stopped. Because of Kevin’s initial guarding behaviours, he will need a firm but fair owner that will give him clear boundaries and allow him plenty of time to settle into home life. He seems to like having a fairly consistent routine to his day, so would benefit from having a good routine in the home.

Kevin likes to socialise with other dogs, however because of his protective tendencies, he would not be suitable to live with another dog or children. He also has a strong dislike of cats so needs a cat free home. Kevin is currently undergoing some training to help with controlling his strong-willed personality. This training will need to be continued in the home to allow him to reach his full potential. This cheeky chappy is looking for someone that can love him despite his flaws.

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