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Rolo has had a couple of homes prior to coming in to us. It is clear that he hasn’t been socialised and walked very well when he was younger, as he finds being out in different environments on a lead a bit overwhelming, and can also be wary of people he doesn’t know, particularly children. He is however improving with plenty of one to one time with his kennel carers.

Once Rolo spends a bit of time with you he really enjoys human company. He absolutely loves his tennis balls and would happily play fetch all day if he could! This will be a wonderful way for potential adopters to make friends with him.

Once he is comfortable with you, he loves his cuddles and likes to snuggle up on your lap for extra fuss.

Rolo is not comfortable around children, so is looking for a nice adult only home. He has previously lived with both dogs and cats, but was picked on by the other dogs in the home. His behaviour here around other dogs has been positive, so we feel that he could potentially live with a calm female dog pending on controlled introductions here at the Sanctuary.

Rolo could potentially live with a cat, but owners would have to be prepared to introduce them very slowly in the home to avoid any upset.

New owners will need to be prepared to continue Rolo’s socialising and training around people and other dogs to help him reach his full potential.

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