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Smudge was rehomed recently after a short time at the Sanctuary. However, she was returned because of her behaviour with another dog. She is a lovely girl, loves people, especially those bearing treats but needs to be kept away from other dogs at all times. We believe Smudge may have been a little spoiled and used to doing things her own way in the past. She will make a loyal companion for someone but whoever adopts her must understand that she is not good with other dogs and can be unpredictable and turn on dogs that she had previously accepted.

Type of Home: Smudge is best suited to an adult only home with no children and no other pets. Owners will need to ensure she walks on lead in public areas.

Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary has provided and continues to provide hundreds of abandoned animals with a second chance. At any one time the Sanctuary can be looking after several hundred animals. At present on site they have over 60 dogs, 90 cats and kittens plus a number of rabbits and guinea pigs.

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