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Boycie is a very loving, gentle soul who we believe has suffered head trauma in the past, may be neurological influence as he has an unsteady gait and circling. However this does not seem to have a serious negative consequence on this beautiful boy, just makes him a little slow at times. He displays severe anxiety when left alone so will need a home with lots of company with owners prepared to support and reduce this anxiety through calming aids. Boycie is social with other dogs but may prefer to be the only dog in the home due to his little quirks. He is used to visiting children, advise 10+ in the home – calm and used to dogs. Could cat test if owners experienced. Boycie needs a very special, loving home as he really is one of a kind and deserves nothing but love.

Raystede Animal welfare charity with rehoming & sanctuary. Open 7 days a week 10am-4pm – tel. 01825 840 252 email.

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