Dog for Adoption

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Gizmo is a friendly, polite dog and a real gentleman. He bonds closely to people and likes making new friends, enjoys playing with squeaky toys followed by a cuddle on the sofa. He is used to being left and travels well in the car. Gizmo can be worried by lots of activity and loud noises so needs a calmer home environment and areas to walk. He can be boisterous with other dogs and can take a disliking to some. Gizmo is not suited to live with cats. He could live with calm, older children that are used to dogs, as long as the home is not too busy and noisy. Gizmo is a little overweight and needs to follow a diet and exercise programme to get him fit and healthy. He may suffer from re-occurring ear infections which would require treatment.

Raystede Animal welfare charity with rehoming & sanctuary. Open 7 days a week 10am-4pm – tel. 01825 840 252 email.

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