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Sammy is a beautiful girl who deserves a loving home. She just needs a person who has the time to deal with her separation issue. GOOD POINTS 1) Beautiful nature 2) Very soppy – loves belly rubs, hugs, kisses, and will get on your lap if given the chance 3) Good off the lead, and will come back with a call or squeaky ball 4) Loves playing ball, and can be very playful 5) Really good indoors (when you are home) 6) Not a runner, as she is too loyal for that 7) Takes food or treats lovely 8) A big foodie – will eat almost anything 9) Good with people and other dogs 10) Seems to like water (rivers) 11) Has got lots of energy so needs good walks 12) Loves being brushed 13) Really good in the car BAD POINTS 1) She cannot be left AT ALL at the moment, as she will throw herself and scratch at the at the door you leave from, and also barks. She gets herself in a right state, even when leaving down treats and puzzles. She’s only been left for 15 minute on three occasions. 2) Will pull on the lead and zig zag everywhere, so she needs firm handling on the lead. 3) Will roll in horse poo if given the chance (the fresher the better!) 4) Chases squirrels and we think she may also chase cats. We don’t know if she got told off in previous homes, but to start with, the way she looked at you sometimes, it seems she had been. We think this will soon disappear in a good home. Have you (or someone you know) got the time and commitment to put into working with this special dog? In return you will get a loyal, friendly and fun companion. Photo credit to the lovely Sophie of Sophtfocus photography.

Second Chance Animal Rescue Centre for Dogs, Cats, Birds & Small Animals in Southampton. Registered Charity 1002511. Est.30 years. Viewing is by appointment.

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