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Poor Keaton seems to have had many homes in the past. His most recent owner used to tie him up outside a shopping centre for hours and hours at a time. A concerned member of the public, waited one day until the owner eventually returned. His owner, then stated that she didn’t actually want him anymore and was easily persuaded to sign him over to us over the Christmas period. He was wearing a jacket which was stuck on him as had been forced on and the zip had caught in the material – we had to cut it off. Underneath his fur was very thin, indicating that the jacket had been on for a long time.

Keaton is a lovable little soul. He is very small and loves cuddles. He walks well on a lead and collar.

He really craves human contact and we hate seeing him in a kennel at his age.

Keaton would make a wonderful companion for a energetic older person who needs a friend to keep them company.

Keaton doesn’t like being on his own so would need a new owner or family, who are around for most of the day.

St Francis Animal Welfare is a registered charity which was first established in 1953. They care for numerous animals who are in need of loving forever homes. Based in Hampshire.

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