Charlie and Holly


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Charlie and Holly are a lovely brother and sister duo looking for their new forever home.

They have good manners when walking on lead but do not know many commands.

They do occasionally indulge in a game of chase and they do seem to like having running spurts. They will chase toys but at the moment don’t really pick them up or bring them back- it is just something fun to chase!

Charlie and Holly are very laid back and love cuddles with staff and new people alike, they will happily initiate cuddles with people that they meet but also sometimes forget themselves and jump up to say hi.

They are quite happy to amuse themselves pottering around in the long grass and having a sniff as long as they know you are around.

Charlie does have a lovely singing voice which he will treat you to if you shut him somewhere and aren’t paying him any attention so it would be important that they are supervised when out in the garden!

Both dogs are quite good with other dogs and as long as they are calm and not bouncing in their face and will choose to ignore them.

They are mainly motivated by cuddles and food and are also partial to a good brush, even if they are a little fidgety while you’re grooming.

Charlie and Holly are quite clean in the kennel and we would hope that they would be housetrained in a home as were previously living in a foster home prior to coming into our care.

This gorgeous pair would appreciate a nice cosy bed and new forever home to call their own.

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