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Aslan was rescued from cruelty and neglect and now truely deserves a loving new home. This gentle giant is a huge softy who would much rather have fuss and attention than play with toys but can be quite playful at times! He can be sensitive to noise and so needs an understanding owner. Aslan needs an experienced owner who will help him settle at home as he is not used to being in a home environment. We have been teaching him life lessons here and he is slowly getting there but there are still some areas that need work such as toilet training. This handsome chap has a strong dislike to cats and so needs a fully secure garden as he will jump fences to get to them. He walks well on lead, we use a harness and a halti here, but he will pull if he sees a cat and is very strong so needs an owner who will continue to help teach him manners on lead. Aslan needs and owner who have had experience with large breed dogs or guard breeds and needs and adult only home. He is social with most dogs on walks but wouldn’t want to share his home with other animals.

RSPCA Solent Branch – The Stubbington Ark. A self funded Animal shelter and welfare charity covering the Solent area. Based in Fareham,

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