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Portia came to us in quite a state – both physically and mentally and needs an experienced owner who will help continue to build her confidence. When she first arrived she was fearfully aggressive towards everything and everyone and so we have had to work hard to socialise her so she can start to be a “normal” dog. Portia still struggles with new people initially and so needs a patient family but once she fully trusts you she is very affectionate, loyal and responsive to training. Portia is still fearfully aggressive towards other animals and is on a training plan to help her overcome this. She is responding well to training here but will need this continued in her new home so she doesn’t revert back to being terrified and reactive of everything. Portia is very intelligent and needs plenty of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise to keep her happy and prevent her from becoming bored!

RSPCA Solent Branch – The Stubbington Ark. A self funded Animal shelter and welfare charity covering the Solent area. Based in Fareham,

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