Hugh Grant

Dog for Adoption

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Have you owned a Collie before? Are you ready for a challenge?

I’m a special boy who deserves a second chance at happiness. I’ve had a difficult time over the past few years and I am hoping to find my forever home, at last. I need experienced owners who have knowledge of my breed and behaviour. They must also have no children in their lives.

I can find it difficult when meeting new people but I’m very cuddly and affectionate with people I know.

I love playing with toys, in fact most of the time I can be seen with a toy in my mouth!

I’d love to meet you if you feel you are able to offer me the home I need, and deserve.

Gables Farm currently re-home around 1000 unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats every year and are always looking for good homes for their residents. They are based in Plymouth.

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