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Narla is a lurcher puppy and is now around 5 months of age. She has been in foster with a staff member since she came to us and has been learning how to be part of a family – human and animal!

Narla is a beautiful girl, loves her cuddles and really enjoys play time. She is a cheeky monkey, full of mischief and fun, and has earned the nickname “ninja” as she can jump from floor to table if she knows there is food to be found. She is very clever, so quick to learn – naughty things as well as good! She bonds quickly and will need a home that can invest a lot of time in her, continuing her training and her socialising. She is very food motivated and loves to please so is great to train. She also travels well, loves to go to new places for adventures – loves the woods, the beach (not at all phased by the sea) meeting new friends.

Narla enjoys being around other dogs and would benefit from living with a well rounded canine companion who will teach her the ways of the dog world. She is naturally very playful and so will need a dog that will enjoy this aspect of her personality. She is always happiest with a doggy friend, and loves to sleep curled up with one of the dogs after a play session. She is crate trained and is happy to sleep in her crate at night, provided she can still see the other dogs.

Narla currently lives with a cat and can live with a dog savvy cat. However she and the cat do play together, so it really will need to be a confident cat! Because she will need quite a high level of input we are saying homes with children of 10 years + for Narla.

Narla would love an experienced home with people who will enjoy ongoing training with her, and who will appreciate her wonderfully funny, ever-so-slightly naughty but somehow still quite vulnerable personality. She has mild separation issues, so will need a home where she can be introduced to being left for short period of time slowly – having an anchor dog will help with this but not totally solve it.

All puppies (and owners!) benefit immensely from going to training classes to help get you off to a good start, so this is something we look for all our puppies to do with their adopters. This would need to be with an approved force free trainer (we can help you find one in your area).

Happy Landings is an animal charity on a 5 acre site that can take approximately 300 domestic and farm animals, and they re-home about 300 animals a year plus several hundred ex battery hens. The team of staff and volunteers offer shelter and hope. They are based in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Tel: 01749 860 350

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