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Belle has sadly come to @Holly_Hedge through no fault of her own, but after being passed around, mainly due to changes in peoples circumstances, she has come to us to find a permanent and stable forever home. She is an affectionate girl, but after a lot of changes and being such a young dog, she can be nervous of strangers at first, but a few treats in your hand and she’s got her head in your lap wanting an ear scratch! She trusts quickly and someone with time and patience, will easily be able to build her confidence. She has lived with other dogs and would like a friend in her new home, and although she has lived with children we feel a quieter home with older children would suit her better.

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a a registered charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs. They rehome approximately 800 animals each year and are based in Bristol.

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