Dog for Adoption

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VERY SPECIAL HOME REQUIRED. This young beauty is looking for very special experienced home. Sadly due to traumatic experiences in his early life, he has struggled to adapt to the kennels and subsequently to a new home. Jasper requires a stress free adult only homes ideally with a trainer, behaviourist or owner who has perhaps worked with difficult dogs before. He is very needy and loves people and other dogs but can be sensitive to change, and when scared can react in a negative way without meaning too. The right home with behavioural support could help this young dog to focus his energy in activities such as agility and obedience to help overcome his fears. He will need someone to meet him many times at the sanctuary before being able to be rehomed and he would suit a rural environment with a nice garden to roam in. 

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a a registered charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs. They rehome approximately 800 animals each year and are based in Bristol.

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