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Poor Jasper is only  a year old and has already has a couple of homes. He is a mix of very energetic dogs, super clever, very active and needs a ton of attention. He is an angel in the kennels, but could push boundaries in the home so will ideally need to be with an experienced dog owner who can help with some positive basic training. He would thrive at agility or obedience and wants to learn but gets frustrated and jumpy when he is ignored. Ideally he would go to an active family who also have the time to give him to help turn him into a wall mannered teenager. We also feel that he would be best placed to live with another well behaved dog who can teach him the ropes 🙂

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a a registered charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs. They rehome approximately 800 animals each year and are based in Bristol.

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