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This is Maggie…… a small Labrador.
She is 10 years old and came to us with some issues. Most have been worked on, although she can still be a bit bossy.

There must be a child free home out there for Maggie…. she is 10 and a small lab, she hasn’t had the most ‘loving’ of upbringings, no close human contact or anything; she is an ex breeding bitch. She had become bossy with the other breeding bitches in situ, so came into rescue. She likes people but on her own terms. She is not a cuddly dog, in fact she loves kennels. She will bite if made to do something she does not want to do, like getting off the sofa.

Her ideal home would be somewhere where she has a kennel to go to if she chooses, one where her owner is going to be consistantly firm and not allow her to get into situations where she has to growl and bite. Again she needs a home with someone with balls… if you subscribe to the ‘dominance theory’ then PLEASE DO NOT apply… Maggie is special… this is what happens to a lot of ex cash cows who have little or no contact for their whole lives. She has improved immensely over the months, but always reverting back to form occasionally.

She may improve in a firm home that has a strict routine, we dont know… you can have all the qualified advice and all the rehab in the world, but sometimes, just sometimes, a dog is what he or she is…. and Maggie is what she is… warts and all.

But she does deserve a chance.

Can you help?

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